About us

The Pastas Alimenticias Roma S.A. Company initiated its activities in a small store in 1961, with the firm purpose of manufacturing the best pasta in the country. The equipment was extremely rudimentary: amateurish production, which was initiated with three persons. We started saleswiththis equipment and staff in a market to which the company was unknown.

Thanks to our efforts and a strict quality control, Pastas Roma gradually entered the national market and in only a few years our pasta became the most sold one in the country.

In 1973 a partnership with USA´s Prince Macaroni Co is established, and the “Pastas Alimenticias Roma, S.A.” name is changed to “Roma Prince, S.A.”, although the products continued to be known as Pastas Roma. A semi-automatic machine and new drying rooms were brought. This gave the product better quality and mechanized the process, which lead to an increase in the number of employees to 28.

The company´s ascending pace required moving the original facilities to a building located in Alajuela in 1976.

During those years, pasta distribution was done by 6 salespersons,we currently have 50. The great acceptance and demand for this pasta made it necessary to change and modernize the manufacturing equipment.

That is how in 1987 we decided to acquire the best equipment for the manufacturing of long-cut pasta. Therefore, an Italian Pavan production line with high temperatures with the capacity to process 1000 kilos of pasta per hour was imported.

Back in that time, this machine was state of the art technology for the manufacture of long-cut pasta due to its continuous process system of operation and packaging.

In March, 1989 we installed a more modern one of the same brand used for the manufacture of short-cut pasta. This new unit ended up completing the modernization cycle of Roma Prince S.A. and turned it into the most advanced pasta factory in Central America and the Caribbean.

Also, when the demand of pasta grew in our country, new markets outside our borders were opened and the different types of pasta were diversified with new brands; production reached a limit; therefore, in 1994 Roma Prince S.A. decides to bring a much more modern and completely computerized machine for the production of long-cut pasta with a capacity of 2000 kilos per hour and in 2007 an Italian technology machine for long-cut pasta with a capacity of 3500 kilos per hour is imported. We are currently producing different types of pasta in different presentations and weights. Likewise, we produce canned whole and diced tomatoes, as well as in Doy Packs, olive oils, etc.